The Marriage of

Thomas Trautmann and Andrew Bernoff

San Francisco City Hall

February 18, 2004

As many of you know, this past week San Francisco began performing same-sex marriages. Having made a private commitment to each other,  we decided that this was the time to share our love for each other publicly, for all the world to see.

Our hope is that you will support us, and when it comes to same-sex civil marriages judge us by the quality of our relationships, not the gender of our partners.

We are both grateful to Mayor Newsom and the city of San Francisco for making the possibility of our marriage a reality.

Our official marriage license.
This is Joanna, the commissioner who performed our ceremony, with Tom and I just before we began.
You may now kiss the groom!!
Tom and I, outside City Hall just after the ceremony.
On Twin Peaks with our Mini-Cooper (affectionately known as Junior)
Just a pretty picture of us with the most beautiful city in the world.

More Pictures!!