Quotes from Professor Bernoff

Compiled by the Honors Calculus for Engineers (ESAM B52) at Northwestern University

A real bean.

Fairly funky.

Peek at my notes here...

Fudge factor.

That's not fair!!

Real bummed out about...

Lets knock the thing out now...(an integral)

Circles are our friends!

Its good for you, sort of like eating oatmeal.

Somebody throw something at me.

Somebody slap me.

Where does this cylinder live?

We all know China isn't at the opposite end of the earth. But if you're the road runner, it is.

Calculus is like juggling.

Infinity's a very big distance.

You can go home now and amaze your friends....and scare little children.

So that's #1...shall we be perverse and do #3 next?

I'm actually in salesman mode... if this works I'll then try to sell you a brand new car.

And at this point, we pray to our favorite deity or deities...

We didn't pray hard enough....you gotta have faith!!

That is not OUR favorite one, That's MY favorite one!

Spherical!??!!! This is like a bad dream!

Then we utter a silent prayer.

Now we do some creative grouping, not to be confused with creative groping.

Gee, there's a v there; let's use it!

I'm gonna be real bad here. . .

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