Math 147: Topology

Spring 2011


This is a (modified) Moore Method course in Topology, covering geometric topology and the fundamental group. The key feature of this course is discovery learning. There is no text; indeed, it is the goal of the course for each student to write their own text in topology. The course as given here was developed by Francis Su.


Dagan Karp
1267 Olin
Office hours: Wed 3:00-4:00 p.m., and by appointment

Course Format

Students will receive handouts containing theorems, definitions and examples. Their goal is to prove all the theorems outside of class with the collaboration of classmates and instructor advice.

In class, students will take turns presenting proofs, while the other students determine if the proof is correct.


As above, there is no textbook for this course. In fact, you are forbidden from consulting any Topology text during the course of the semester. The goal is to create and discover all proofs yourself or in collaboration with other students in the class (and hints from me).


Homework 25%
Class participation and presentations 25%
Final Exam 25%
Notebook and its theorems 15%

Required Materials

A loose leaf binder is required; this is to contain all written theorems and proofs. Also, you need a pack of white index cards, to be brought to class every day. These will be used to provide feedback on other students' presentations.


Between classes, you are expected to write up any theorems that you prove. These should be placed in your binder. I will inspect these from time to time, and they will be used in evaluating grades. The goal is for this binder to become your own text in Topology written throughout the semester.


There will be one final exam (and no midterm).


We will use our Sakai site fairly heavily in conjunction with this class. In particular, you will find there in Course Resources, course notes, a pdf file of theorems (with spaces for scratchwork), and also the tex source of theorems only, for you to use as you tex your proofs. These are written by Francis Su, and are only intended for HMC distribution.


You are required to LaTeX your work, aside from diagrams, which may be hand drawn.


Students who need disability-related accommodations are encouraged to discuss this with the instructor as soon as possible.