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HMC Calculus Tutorials: HMC Mathematics Calculus Online Tutorials

HMC Mathematics Calculus Online Tutorials

Welcome to the Online Mathematics Tutorials at Harvey Mudd College!

Here we have a series of Tutorials to ensure that you are up to speed on calculus topics. Each tutorial has an associated quiz that you will be expected to complete if you're an HMC student. We cannot make the quizzes available to nonstudents, but anyone is welcome to explore the tutorials.

Math 11 and 12

Mathematics 11 and Mathematics 12 require you to complete a series of tutorials and quizzes by specified dates.

Displaying Math

In the summer of 2009, all the calculus tutorials were updated to display mathematics using jsMath. This change should make the tutorials universally viewable to all modern internet browsers and operating systems, and even many older ones. To see if your browser is supported, check the list of jsMath supported browsers

If your browser is not supported or the math refuses to display correctly for some other reason, all the tutorials are also available in PDF format. The content of the tutorials is identical, whether viewed online or in the PDF form.

Installing Fonts

We encourage you to install the jsMath fonts on your computer for best results. We have brief instructions on doing so on our fonts page, or you can follow the instructions on the jsMath fonts page.


The online quiz system is for use only by Harvey Mudd College students. We regret that we can not offer access to the quizzes for non-HMC students or other users.

Quiz Registration

Once you are ready to take your first quiz, you will be asked for a username and password. Your username is your first and last name, both capitalized; for example, Isaac Newton. Choose a password for yourself, keep it secret, and please don't forget it!

Taking Quizzes

At the end of each tutorial is a link to take the associated quiz. You will be required to enter your login and password to gain access to the quiz. Under the HMC Honor Code, you are expected to abide by certain guidelines concerning the taking of quizzes:

  • While taking a quiz, you are not allowed to use any aids (e.g., the tutorials, textbooks, notes) unless specifically directed to do so by the quiz.
  • Calculators may be used only for doing simple arithmetical calculations. Do not use calculators for graphing or symbol manipulation.
  • You may not solicit help while taking a quiz or give help to someone else who is taking a quiz.
  • After you have accessed a quiz, you may not discuss its contents with any of your classmates until after they have taken the same quiz. Note: there is more than one quiz for each tutorial!

In order to pass a quiz, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly.

The questions are fairly straightforward and follow directly from the tutorial.

There are several quizzes for each tutorial so you can attempt a different one if you aren't successful the first time.

If you are unable to pass a quiz for a particular tutorial within three attempts, we suggest that you contact your professor to review. He or she will be happy to help you. Your professor might even contact you first!

When to Take the Quizzes

You may (and should!) start taking quizzes as soon as you've completed the tutorials, even if you do not know exactly what math classes you will be taking when the semester starts.

Problems, Comments, or Questions

If you run into any difficulties or think you have found an error or bug, please contact us by sending e-mail to calculus@math.hmc.edu.

Credits and Thanks!

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to this project, past and present.

Project Directors and Editors
Prof. Michael E. Moody
Prof. Jon Jacobsen
Prof. Art Benjamin
Technical Design
Brad Boban
Aaron Boyer
John Chou
Kevin Fleming
William Goo
Shane Markstrum
Ben Nahir
Elizabeth Norton
Martin Pyne
Virginia Stoll
Megan Thorsen
Patrick Vinograd
Kim Wallmark
Jennifer Switkes
2009 Refresh
Paul Riggins
Claire Connelly