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Mathematics Clinic Handbook

The Mathematics Clinic Handbook (PDF) is a document that explains the background and history of the mathematics Clinic program at Harvey Mudd College. It also gives you an overview of the year's schedule for the shared aspects of the program (group meetings, due dates for major deliverables, etc.), and explains how to write a Statement of Work (the contract between your team and your sponsor), and Clinic reports (including details about how the HMC Clinic Report Class works.

The Handbook also includes useful tips for using LaTeX when writing Clinic documents; an introduction to computing resources provided by the department to Clinic teams; an overview of grading criteria for determining your individual grades within the context of these team projects; and some tips on creating and giving good presentations.

This version of the Handbook has been updated for the 2016–2017 school year. We may make some revisions, additions, or deletions during the course of the semester; such changes will be announced via one or more of the Clinic e-mail lists or in department-level Clinic meetings. You will always be able to download the most recently released version of the Handbook from this page.