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Projects in 1982–1983

ITT Barton: Analysis of a Vibrating Element Densitometer

Graham Wilks

This was a continuation into a second year of an existing project. The team extended the existing model of this device to incorporate the effects of prestress, three dimensionality and viscosity.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Applications of Correlation Techniques for Battlefield Identification

Janet Myhre

The validity of various radar detection techniques was examined in order to refine and improve existing computer algorithms.

Teledyne Microelectronics: Computerized Transient Thermal Analysis of Hybrid Circuits

Robert Borrelli

Some years ago, Teledyne Microelectronics developed a steady-state thermal analysis program for hybrid microcircuit structures. The purpose of this project was to develop an extended analysis technique to include the transient (time-dependent) portion of the solution.

Texas Instruments, Inc.: Automatic Pitch Determination for Human Speech

John Molinder

The clinic project generally was concerned with automatic determination of the pitch of the spoken human voice as a function of time. Pitch is one of the key parameters required in the generation of synthetic speech. The initial thrust of the project was development of a hybrid pitch detector which optimally combines a number of known pitch detection algorithms. Next was development of an analysis of synthesis technique which determines pitch parameters via comparison of actual and synthesized speech.

U.S. Forest Service: A Heat Transfer Model for Prescribed Fire in Southern California Brush

Richard Elderkin

This project developed a mathematical model for the effect of forest fire on the underlying soil.