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Projects in 1992–1993

Jet Propulsion Laboratory: HyLite (Hypermedia Library Technology)

Robert Keller

The JPL clinic project entails development of an interface to HyLite (Hypermedia Library Technology) that is under development at JPL. The purpose of our interface is to develop the methodology for a full hypertext facet of HyLite, to be used in both publishing information in the library and in later accessing it. We will address the needs of storage of large and diverse collections of multimedia documents, such as programming aids, patent information, manual pages, or planetary exploration information. Adding a new document to such a database can be a difficult and time consuming process, as it is necessary to create hypermedia links that will connect the new document with the rest of the database. Our clinic team seeks to optimize this process, from the viewpoint of the users, as much as possible, by partially automating the creation of the hypermedia links and by maintaining an efficient user-interface design. These improvements will significantly increase the usefulness of the HyLite.