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Projects in 1993–1994

AlliedSignal Automotive: Radial Wheel Thickness Optimization

David Bosley

Turbine and compressor wheels for automotive turbochargers must be designed to withstand the centrifugal stress caused by high speed rotation and to avoid destructive vibrational resonances. This is accomplished by adjusting the thickness of the blade at all locations to meet maximum stress and minimum resonant frequency limits, subject to the side condition that the blade satisfy certain conditions of smoothness.

This design process is tedious and time-consuming. In principle it could be automated using one of various optimization routines which have been developed recently. To do this, both the condition mathematically, and software must be written to make changes in blade thickness, check for (or impose) smoothness, execute the code for calculating stress and vibrational frequency using one of several existing finite element routines, check the results against preset limits, and repeat the process until the limits are satisfied.

Argonaut Insurance Company: Worker Compensations Cost Differentials

Henry Krieger

Workers Compensation rate levels are established by the state. We know by anecdotal evidence that there are differences in loss potential (“loss cost”) by county or by groups of counties. E.g., the Los Angeles area is considered to be more expensive than the Bay Area. One of the variables influencing this territorial difference may be attorney involvement. The goal of this project would be to see if this is true, to find other possible variables, and to quantify their effect.

Beckman Instruments, Inc.: Graphical Representation of DNA Hybridization

John Greever

DNA sequence identification has widespread applications for many medical and biological disciplines. These applications include identification of genetic diseases and genomic fingerprinting for forensic purposes. The objective of this project is to produce a software package for predicting solid-phase hybridization between a known oglionucleotide array and a known sequence of DNA. These oglionucleotide arrays use hybridization as the central dogma for detection of, for example, genetic diseases.

This software package will include data entry methods, a means to analyze the thermodynamic values of the input data, and a means to analyze sample interaction with the array. The ultimate goal of the software package is to provide the user with a graphical representation of the initial data.

HSC Software: A Self-Contained Design Environment for Creating Images with Ultra-High Realism

Ran Libeskind-Hadas

The objective of this clinic is to design a self-contained graphical design environment for the creation of realistic surface textures. This environment will allow the user to design textures using natural controls that respond in real time. This system will contain parameters related to lighting and scale, among others. The system will be augmented with additional features as agreed upon by the clinic group and the HSC liason. Examples of possible features are 1. High speed animation of textures. 2. Controls for the manipulation of 2-dimensional objects. 3. Controls for the manipulation of 3-dimensional objects.

With the assistance of the HSC liason, the clinic group will develop the system specifications, study and develop appropriate algorithms, and implement the design environment.