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Projects in 2014–2015

Environmental Data Resources: Environmental Cleanup Cost Modeling

Talithia Williams

The team is developing a tool to estimate the cleanup cost for managing environmental risks, on a commercial real estate property. Users of the tool would input the location of a property, and based on the site's historic use as and proximity to gas stations and dry cleaners, as well as regional considerations, receive as output a range for the potential cost.


  • Michael Baeder
  • Crystal Hsu (Project Manager)
  • Kyle Shan
  • Congjie Shi

Proofpoint, Inc.: Scalable Distributed Encrypted Search

Andrew J. Bernoff

As cloud storage becomes more prevalent, greater demands for security and accessibility are placed on searchable databases. The goal of our project is to develop a scalable, efficient strategy for search- ing distributed, encrypted databases. Popular existing approaches were not designed with encryption in mind, leading to prohibitive overhead. We provide a proof of concept (via a well-documented API) of a sublinear encrypted search architecture by implementing and benchmarking our solution.


  • Teo Asinari
  • Nathan Hall (Project Manager)
  • Xiuyuan Lu
  • Nicole Wein

Rapid7, Inc.: Understanding and Preventing Threat Through Security Data Analysis

Lisette de Pillis

Given security data collected in the duration of an attack, the team will structure the data, explore the data, evaluate the possibility of determining if and when an attack occurs, and attempt to develop algorithms for detecting relevant patterns in realtime. If successful, the team may work toward developing a package for analyzing security data for Rapid7.


  • Arianna Perkins (fall) (Project Manager)
  • Xinlei (Mimee) Xu (spring) (Project Manager)
  • Will Clausen
  • Abhishek Goenka
  • Huameng (Michael) Jiang