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This site is maintained with HTML::Mason, a Perl CMS that is also used by Salon as the basis of their CMS.

All of the code outside of Mason itself was written by Claire Connelly for her personal site. For more information, you might want to consult her personal site. (Finding that site is left as a (fairly simple) exercise for the reader.)

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Standards and accessibility are very important to me. This site builds on my experience with my personal site, and uses a clean CSS-based layout rather than a more traditional <table>-based layout. As a result, it should render better in all standards-compliant browsers and also be readable with a text- or speech-based browser.

This site also uses XHTML, making it easier to move to XML when the time is right.

If you're seeing exceptionally plain pages, and you're not using a text browser, you're probably using an older browser that isn't completely standards-compliant. If you can, I recommend that you upgrade your browser to one that is standards-compliant—you'll see benefits immediately.

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Questions? Problems? Complaints?

Please e-mail questions, complaints, or corrections to

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