2002 Sep 14 10:59 AM

Mail Changes

Because the server has changed, your e-mail client configuration may no longer work. pop.math.hmc.edu provides both POP and IMAP service. (SSL-protected access is in the works.)

The outgoing (SMTP) mail server is esme.math.hmc.edu. However, esme will only accept mail sent from the department's subnet. If you're planning to use a dialup connection, you should use your Internet server provider's SMTP server. If your ISP is Mudd, through CIS, you should use CIS's mail server, thuban.ac.hmc.edu. You should also use thuban if you're using a wireless card.

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2002 Sep 14 10:58 AM

New Server

One of my major projects this summer was to research, obtain, and install a new server to replace the department's file server. The new machine was brought on line in mid-August, and provides considerably more disk space to the user community (which doesn't mean you should go crazy!).

The department's old server will be rebuilt so that it can replace the current web server (and probably provide additional services). The web server will probably become a remote-access server.

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2002 Sep 14 10:57 AM

Account Policy Changes

The department has a new appropriate use policy, based on the CIS AUP. Please read it and be aware of its conditions.

We also have a new account-request procedure, described on the account-policy page.

Briefly, you need to read the AUP (PDF), fill out an account-request form (PDF), have it signed, and turn it in to the systems administrator for processing. Easy!

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New Machine-Naming Scheme

You may notice some machines in the cluster or Clinic lab with names you don't recognize. New machines are now named after characters from Terry Pratchett's ``Discworld'' series of novels. There are currently more than twenty books set in the Discworld, so we should have a good stock of names available.

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