2003 Apr 28 11:23 AM

Spamassassin Installed

I have installed Spamassassin, a spam-filtering package, on the department's mail server. I've added some information about SpamAssassin to the e-mail section of the department'ssupport area.

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2003 Apr 28 11:22 AM

Accounts Expiring

Accounts for Harvey Mudd students who are graduating in 2003 will expire on 2003 July 1, as will all accounts belonging to non-Mudd students. Please be sure to copy anything that you want to keep to some other location before July 1.

Guest accounts and student accounts whose expirations have been extended will also expire on 2003 July 1.

If you need access to your account after July 1, brief access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Password resets will require you to see the systems administrator in person, with a photo ID.

If you need longer-term access, please talk with a faculty member about getting an extension. You should fill out another account-request form (PDF) and obtain the necessary signatures. Renewed guest accounts will be good until 2004 July 31.

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