2003 May 21 4:46 PM

Power Outage

Mathematics department computer systems will be unavailable from roughly 10:00 PM Saturday, 2003 May 24 through noon on Sunday, 2003 May 25 while Southern California Edison does some work that requires shutting off power to the Claremont Colleges campuses.

Please be sure to log out of all department computers before 10:00 PM on Saturday. I will be logging in remotely to shut down all Linux workstations at that time.

Please shut down any Windows computers, printers, or other electrical equipment you have in your office that might be damaged by a power outage.

Systems may be available after 7:00 AM on Sunday when the Colleges' generators start running, depending on whether the servers are still running at that time. You can check server status by

  • sshing to shell.math.hmc.edu. If your home directory is available, things are working.
  • Checking the department's website. If it loads, the servers are up.

I will be in around 11:00 AM on Sunday to start any servers that were powered down during the power outage.

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2003 May 2 11:15 AM

OpenOffice Installation Instructions

OpenOffice installation instructions available. If you have ideas about other applications that need documentation, let me know.

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