2003 Aug 22 12:00 PM

Welcome Back!

There have been a number of changes over the summer. The most important are:

Red Hat Linux 9

The Scientific Computing Lab machines have been upgraded to Red Hat Linux 9.

The biggest difference is one you'll notice immediately-RHL9-uses GNOME 2, so everything is shinier and prettier than it used to be. You'll also see a lot of antialiased text.

The main downside is that any customizations you may have made to your GNOME Panels will have been ignored; the system will simply create a new default layout for you, and you'll have to make any changes you want from scratch. Overall, though, I think that the system is an improvement.

Terminal junkies will notice that there's no icon for starting a terminal by default. The terminal menu item is hidden under "System Tools". You can add an icon to your Panel by

  • Right-clicking on a blank spot in the Panel
  • Going to Add to Panel->Launcher from Menu->System Tools->Terminal
  • Releasing the mouse button while "Terminal" is selected

(You can use the same method to add other icons to your Panel.)

Maple 9

Maple 9 came out during the summer, and we installed it in preparation for CIS's switchover this fall. As it happens, RHL9 and Maple 8 didn't get along well; the solution was to move to Maple 9 immediately.

teTeX 2.0 and texdoctk

I was surprised to see that RHL9 only had teTeX 1.0.7, so I built teTeX 2 from Rawhide and installed it. teTeX 2.0 has much newer packages than the older version, as well as some changes to administrative tools that make it easier for me to configure.

teTeX 2 also includes texdoctk , a program that helps you find documentation for teTeX packages. Just type texdoctk at a shell prompt, and you'll get a window with buttons that you can click on to find the documentation you need.

2003 August 22

My Account's Locked!

We may have received incorrect information about students who didn't graduate when first expected. If your account is locked but you're still here, just stop by Claire's office (Olin B159) with something official that says you're still here. We'll move your home directory to the right subdirectory, update the account database, and even let you reset your password.

2003 August 22

I Need an Account!

Account application procedures are the same as they were last year. You will need a faculty sponsor to sign your account request form (PDF). Turn the forms in to Claire in person or in her mailbox. Accounts will be created each night, and will be available for pickup on the next "business day" (Monday-Friday).

See the account policy page for more details about the mathematics department's appropriate-use policy and for links to the account request form (PDF).

You will need photo ID (preferably your own) to pick up your account.

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