2004 Jan 12 4:00 PM

Web Server Changes

We've made the switch to our new web server. The new server is configured to work pretty much like the old one, with the major exception being that users can no longer log onto the server directly. Changes made in your personal web space (~/public_html) will take effect immediately; changes to the ``core'' web space (/home/www) will not take effect until that material is synced with the live website.

Until I get a handle on how frequently automated updates need to happen, please notify me (or the webmaster alias) when you make a change that requires the core site to be updated.

CGI Problems

We are experiencing some problems with CGI scripts pointing to nonexistent binaries (e.g., /usr/local/bin/perl) and compiled programs that do not work on the new server.

I've created a link for perl, but the compiled programs can only be fixed by being recompiled. Please contact me with the location of the source so that I can rebuild these programs.

DNS Changes

Along with the web server switchover and the retirement of naomi, we have made some changes to the shell.math.hmc.edu alias. Now, instead of pointing to naomi, shell points, round-robin, at the machines in the lab. Thus connecting to shell will give you one machine; a second connection might give you a second machine; a third connection a third machine; and so on. (Depending on your OS's caching policy.)

A nasty side effect is that you may see the WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! warnings from ssh on each attempted connection. This issue can be solved by including the keys for all the machines shell points to in your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. Details on the fix, as well as the file you'll need, are available on our security page.

The ssh fingerprint information on that page has also been updated.

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