07.21.2005 17:49

New Software: Maple 10

Apparently the problems I was having getting Maple 10 working on the cluster were related to the problems with getting Maple 10 running on other machines. But they're sorted out now, so I have made Maple 10 the default Maple installation on the mathematics cluster!

Maple 10's interface has changed dramatically. Not surprisingly, it has lots of new features (and probably some new bugs, too). So I am keeping Maple 9.5 around for a while.

Running maple or xmaple will now launch Maple 10. If you need to run the older version, you can do so by typing the full path to the command, as in


or by adding the old path to your PATH environment variable using one of the following methods:

setenv PATH /shared/local/maple9.5/bin:$PATH (for tcsh, csh)
set PATH=/shared/local/maple9.5/bin:$PATH (for bash, zsh, sh, etc.)

I expect that Maple 9.5 will be removed sometime before the end of the fall semester or whenever CIS's license server stops working for Maple 9.5.

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07.21.2005 10:17

Chiller Back, Amber, Too

The chiller is back up, which means that we have air conditioning in the machine room again, so I've restarted the Amber cluster.

Sorry for the disruption in service, but some things are out of my hands. The servers have to come first.

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07.21.2005 09:27

Amber Cluster Offline Due to Air Conditioning Issues

Tom Shaffer, the college's plant engineer, has informed us that the separate air conditioning system that supplies cooling for various labs and computer machine rooms is offline. As a result, I have taken down the Amber cluster until air conditioning is restored.

I may to take some additional servers offline in the near future, but we'll keep our fingers crossed that it won't come to that.

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07.19.2005 17:03

Amber Cluster Move, Part I

Some tiny number of you may have noticed that the Amber cluster was off line for a couple of hours. During that time, the cluster was completely dissassembled, stacked up in the hallway, and then moved to its new (temporary) location in the department's small machine room.

The cluster was moved because with the summer heat, my office was running around 85 - 90° Fahrenheit, which isn't healthy for people or computers. This move is temporary because the department's machine room is now completely filled up with machines, leaving little room for humans to move around and do any maintenance.

The plan is still for the cluster to move to the CS machine room by the end of the summer. It will remain on the mathematics department subnet, and will continue to be available to people who are in the amber group.

The old cluster will be retired; at this point I'm thinking that we will probably maintain the head node in some form so that people who haven't already done so can retrieve their data, but the rest of the machines will probably be stripped or scrapped outright. If you're in the market for a Pentium II machine, let me know and we might be able to hook you up.

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