Fri Mar 17 11:32:25 PST 2006

Scratch Space and Old Beowulf Files Available on Cluster

I have added an 80 GB disk to the head node of the Amber cluster, and mounted that disk space on the other machines in the cluster. Jobs generating large amounts of output that needs to be accessible from multiple machines should use /scratch rather than your home directory. (Jobs that just produce a lot of output while running, but return some smaller result, can spool data to /tmp.)

The /scratch partition includes a copy of the /hrothgar directory from the old cluster, which has old user files. For users with the same username on the department's Linux cluster as on the old Beowulf system, I have fixed ownership so that you can access your files. If you had an account with a different username and can't access your files, please send me e-mail and I'll make the necessary changes.

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Fri Mar 10 15:35:23 PST 2006

MCM Judges in Town

Most everyone has probably left for spring break by now, but if you still happen to be around, you should be aware that a number of rooms in Olin and Beckman are being used by the MCM and ICM contest judges

The rooms in use include

  • The Scientific-Computing Lab (Olin B143)
  • The Math Clinic lab (Beckman B115)
  • The Math Library (Olin B161)
  • Beckman B134 (classroom near the soda machine)
  • "Big Beckman" (Beckman B126)
  • Biology Conference Room (Beckman B124)
  • CS Conference Room (Beckman B100)

Please let the judges work in peace, and avoid those rooms until Monday.

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