Thu Jun 15 10:38:44 PDT 2006

Heidi Now a Duplex Printer

heidi, the LaserJet 4000N in the Math Workroom, now has a duplexer installed and has been set to print duplex by default.

If you have a black-and-white print job, or even a print job with color where the color isn't important (e.g., graphical elements that aren't actually using color in a meaningful way), please use heidi rather than gaspode.

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Wed Jun 14 17:19:51 PDT 2006

Google Earth Now Available

I've installed Google Earth on the cluster. If you haven't played with it elsewhere, Google Earth is an application that allows you to see more or less the entire world via satellite photographs. You can zoom in and out, skim across the surface of the earth, create "virtual tours" and more.

It's cool -- check it out. Type googleearth in a terminal to get started.

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Fri Jun 9 14:53:01 PDT 2006

Maple Updated to 10.04

I have updated Maple from 10.02 to 10.04. Details about what changed are available from Maplesoft's website.

If you have a standalone version of Maple, you should be able to update it by choosing the ``Check for Updates'' option from the Tools menu.

Mac OS X Intel Support

Maple 10.04 includes support for Mac OS X running on the new Intel machines. The software for this version is not available for download. I have asked CIS to request the software from Maplesoft, and will make it available to authorized users once I get a copy myself.

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