Sun Aug 6 16:11:02 PDT 2006

Systems Back Up

All of the workstations and servers are running now. The Amber cluster will need to be rebooted again tomorrow.

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Fri Aug 4 16:20:49 PDT 2006

Server Bounce on Sunday

I'm seeing some issues with the NFS services on our main server, so I will be taking advantage of the relative downtime on Sunday to restart that machine.

(It has been running continuously for 252 days, so it's about due, anyway.)

Expect the main server to be unavailable for periods in the afternoon of Sunday, 2006 August 6.


Our primary server provides file, print, authentication, and mail service, so printing, logging in, and logging in will not be possible while this server is offline. In addition, personal websites and course websites located in home directories will not be available during that time. (The department's main website will continue to be available.)

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Thu Aug 3 17:12:33 PDT 2006

Power Outage Scheduled for Saturday, August 5

The Claremont Colleges have scheduled some power-related work during the early morning hours of Sunday, 2006 August 6.

Because of the nature of the work, power will be completely shut off across the campus except for selected areas and systems that will be provided with generator power.

The outage is scheduled to begin at 3:00 AM on Sunday, and end by noon the same day.


Because workstations in faculty offices, the Clinic lab, and the scientific-computing lab have short-run or no UPSs, they will not be available during this time period.

During this time, no workstations will be available, including individual office and lab machines and the alias.

Our machine room should continue to receive power from generators during this time period, so our main servers should remain online. E-mail and web services should remain available, so people using POP or IMAP will be able to access their mail. If you need to log in to check something during this time, should be up and running.


I will shut down any workstations (including faculty, Clinic, and scientific-computing lab machines) that are running on Saturday night around midnight..

If I'm not already on campus to deal with anything when the outage ends at noon on Sunday, I will come by in the afternoon to check on the situation and (possibly) restart machines. I will also be called at home if there are any issues earlier than that.

Some previous electrical work has not ended at the scheduled time, so I won't promise that our systems will be up on Sunday afternoon. If it's not, then I will start machines not already started by users after I get in on Monday morning.

Check back here for updates and notice of restored service.

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