Fri Apr 13 17:23:00 PDT 2007

End of Life for Fedora Legacy (and Our Mirror of It)

As of February 9th, 2007, the Fedora Legacy Project, which provided security updates for versions of Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core Linux that were no longer being supported by Red Hat itself, shut down operations.

As a result, no updates have been forthcoming from that time onwards. In the interest of freeing up mirror space for active projects, we have stopped mirroring the files from this project, and removed them from our mirror server.

If you are still using one of the operating systems that the Fedora Legacy Project was supporting, we strongly urge you to upgrade your systems to a more recent -- and supported -- operating system.

Depending on your needs, we suggest that you consider CentOS, a rebuild of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux product, Debian GNU/Linux, or Fedora Core Linux. All three OSs have had recent releases or will release soon (5 for CentOS; 4 for Debian; 7 is due soon from Fedora).

For server systems, we recommend CentOS or Debian. For desktop systems that have to work, CentOS or Debian are also good choices. For more experimental systems, Debian or Fedora are your best bets. Installing Debian and switching to the testing or unstable "releases" will give you access to very recent software, with different levels of potential bugginess. For Fedora, you can run the most recent release or run the development version.

All of the mentioned versions of these operating-system distributions are available on our mirror server.

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