Wed Dec 8 12:17:13 PST 2010

Power Outage and Math Department Services

There will be a power outage affecting all of the Claremont Colleges campus over the break. The outage is scheduled to begin on December 27, and to end on December 30; if things go well, power could be back on December 29..

It sounds like more things will be on this year (lights, heat) than previous years, but the official word is that if you don't absolutely have to be on campus, you shouldn't be.

In particular, please don't expect to be able to use office computers or printers during the outage.

I will be checking and shutting down all departmental computers in offices and labs that I have access to, so please just log out of those machines, but do turn off printers and other and other electrical equipment that won't be used and that isn't on a UPS (because of the risk of power surges). You should also empty out, defrost, and unplug personal refrigerators.

If you have equipment in a lab space I don't have access to, you will be responsible for ensuring that everything is ready for the outage.

As with previous outages, the colleges and departments will provide some Internet-accessible computing services during the outage.

Here's the service breakdown for the mathematics department:


Incoming (IMAP, POP) and outgoing (SMTP).
All web services will continue to be available.
During the outage, ponder will remain available for shell access.
Mirror will be available.
svn, vetinari and yum will be available unless power requirements force us to take them down.

Not Available

Desktop and Lab Machines
Office, Clinic, and Scientific-Computing Lab machines will be offline.
The alias to the SciCompLab machines will be unavailable.
High-Performance Computing
hex and the Amber cluster will be offline.
All printers will be offline.

I expect that we will get most of the systems that we take down back on line within a day or after I'm sure the power system is stable. If there are particular services that you'll need over break that you'd like prioritized, please let me know.

I may have more information as the time for the outage gets closer, as well as during the outage itself. I will post longer messages to this blog; shorter notifications may come via the hmcmathcomp Twitter stream.

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