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Policies & Procedures

In general, the same restrictions that CIS imposes on your use of their machines apply to your use of math department computers. Our systems are used by many people for many different purposes, and it's important for you to be considerate when using departmental resources.

Anyone receiving an account for the fall 2002 semester or later should have read and signed the math department's appropriate-use policy statement. If you already have an account, please read through the math department's AUP and make sure that you understand its implications and are willing to abide by them before using the systems.

Differences between CIS and Math Department Policies

The following pages spell out some differences between the CIS and the mathematics department's appropriate-use policies. Where there are conflicts, the mathematics department's policies take precedence.

Obtaining an Account

If you have read the CIS and math department policies, you may apply for an account on the mathematics department's computer systems.

The following links explain how to do so: