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Obtaining an Account

Mathematics department faculty and staff are entitled to accounts on the department's computer systems.

Students may only obtain accounts at the request of a faculty member. Permission is usually granted when a student enrolls in certain mathematics classes, is working on one of the department's Clinic projects, or is taking part in another project that requires access to mathematics department computer resources.

Your use of mathematics department computer resources is subject to both the CIS and mathematics department's appropriate-use policies.

Requesting an Account

You should read the mathematics department's Appropriate-Use Policy carefully. When you have read the form, download an account request form (PDF), fill it out and sign it, and take it to your professor to have it signed.

Bring your signed form to the system administrator's office (Olin-B159), drop it in her mailbox, or leave it with your professor to get it to her.

Accounts are created once per day, in the evening of the day the systems administrator receives your completed account-request form. Your account will generally be available for pick up on the following business day (Monday–Friday).

Be sure to bring photo ID with you. You will not receive your account information without an acceptable form of ID.

Account Expiration

Mudd Students

If you are a Mudd student, your account expires on July 1 following your graduation. The mathematics department does not issue alumni accounts, but your Google Apps for Education account should continue to work (but with ads), and you can also check the Alumni Association benefits page for other options.

Students from Other Colleges

Accounts held by students from other Claremont colleges expire when their participation in the class or special project for which they needed an account has ended.

What Happens to My Account?

Expired accounts are deleted. Any files associated with expired accounts are backed up to tape and preserved for at least one year.

Be sure to copy any important files from your account before it expires, as we cannot guarantee the integrity of the backups and any requests for data restoration will be given a low priority.

What about My Mail?

Mail forwarding will be provided for a limited time, but the length and reliability of this service is not guaranteed. Be sure to unsubscribe from any mailing lists you used your math department account to subscribe to and inform anyone you correspond with of your new address before your account expires.

Special Accounts

In addition to our standard account, the mathematics department operates a “Beowulf cluster”—a parallel-computing platform—in conjunction with the computer-science department.