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Appropriate Use of Mathematics Department Computing Resources

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The mathematics department makes computing and network resources available to students, staff, and faculty solely for educational purposes and carrying out the legitimate business of the department. Appropriate uses of these resources include instruction, authorized research, independent study and research, and the official work of departmental organizations and agencies.

Users may further use the department's computing resources for other, unrelated tasks (e.g., reading and writing e-mail messages, browsing the web, doing nonmathematical homework) only while pursuing mathematics department projects and only so long as other users working on mathematics-department sponsored projects are not inconvenienced.

Use of the department's computing resources is a privilege extended to users by the mathematics department, and may be suspended at any time, without warning or explanation.

This document explains some of the specific requirements and expectations for use of the department's computer resources. Activities not covered in this document that are later judged to be inappropriate will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Our expectation is that you will behave responsibly and respect other members of the community. Please read the Harvey Mudd College Standards of Conduct for further guidance on these matters.

Download the full, PDF version of this document.