hex Policies & Accounts

Because hex is a shared and limited resource, there are additional requirements over and beyond the standard mathematics department appropriate-use policy that users must agree to before being granted access to the cluster.

Application Process

Use of hex requires that you have a mathematics department Linux cluster account. Details on obtaining such an account are available in our account policy section.

You must also fill out the hex Account-Request Form, which requires you to read and agree to the hex Appropriate-Use Policy. We also ask you to provide a brief description of your project so that we can evaluate it. Note that your project title and description should also be sent by electronic mail to the beowulf support list.

You may apply for both a standard mathematics department Linux cluster account and hex account at the same time. (Please write “hex” in the “Additional information/notes” field on the form.)

Note that the faculty sponsor section for the standard account applies for all accounts—you should find someone on Harvey Mudd College's mathematics faculty who will sponsor your account request.

Return completed forms to the department's systems administrator. Requests will be reviewed and you will be notified of the department's decision within about a week.

Account Duration

For nonstakeholders, hex accounts will be issued for periods of one semester. They can be renewed by submitting a request to the beowulf support list a month or so before the end of the semester.

If you know that your project will require a longer term to complete, please let us know in advance so that we can take that into consideration and possibly exempt you from the renewal process.