Locking Screens

Screensavers and Screen Locks

When you have to leave the lab for a short period of time (around 15 minutes), you can use a screensaver or other screen-locking program to prevent anyone else from using your machine.

If you are away longer than fifteen minutes, you should log off before leaving. If you don't, and someone else needs the machine, your screensaver will be terminated and you will be logged out.

If you have left a machine logged in with its screen locked and a class is starting, you will be logged off immediately.

You may not leave yourself logged in overnight.

You may be logged out at any time if there is some systems-related issue that has to be dealt with.

When possible, files you leave open in editors will be saved. However, you should not expect that to always be the case, and should always save your work before you leave your seat.