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Information about using the computing resources provided by the department.


System Administration Staff
The folks who keep things running, fix problems, and provide interactive help

Getting Started

TeX and LaTeX Resources
Departmental classes, pointers to information on using LaTeX, hints on the best ways to get things done
E-Mail on the Math Department's Systems
Sending and receiving mail through the department's mail servers
Dealing with spam
Using SpamAssassin to filter spam (unasked-for commerical e-mail) messages
Also, a bit on forwarding mail using Procmail
Application-Specific Support
Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple, OpenOffice, and more
Putting it on paper, in color or black and white
Using Mac OS X
Special information for working with Mac OS X
Using Windows
Special information for working with Windows

More Details

Unix Permissions
How to prevent—or allow—people to see or work with your files
Version Control
Using a version-control system to keep track of changes you or your team members make to a set of files
Burning CDs
How to create and burn CDs and DVDs
Local copies of software resources (CTAN, and Linux distros)
Parallel Computing
Writing and running parallel software on our parallel system, hex.

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