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Our Mirror Server

The department maintains several mirrors of operating-system distributions and other useful material. The mirrors are available for use to the general public, although there are some sections that have access limited to within Harvey Mudd College or the Claremont University Consortium (i.e., software that requires a license to run).

Note that these mirrors are primarily meant to make life easier for the mathematics department's systems administrator, so if we decide to drop CentOS and move to Debian GNU/Linux, we probably won't want to continue to maintain the CentOS mirror for very long.

We would certainly welcome any interest by the college in maintaining mirrors of some or all of the material that we mirror and would be happy to share our maintenance scripts and experience in getting the mirrors set up.

(In fact, if the college wanted to supply some hardware for a bigger, better mirror, the department would be quite happy to provide systems administration for the system.)

CTAN, The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

We maintain a complete mirror of CTAN, the primary source for TeX and LaTeX packages, support files and programs, and even complete TeX systems for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and other operating systems.

Our CTAN mirror can be found at

CentOS, a Community Rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

The department has standardized on the CentOS community rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its Linux distribution of choice. To make installation and maintenance easier, we maintain a complete YUM-enabled archive of CentOS 3 and CentOS 4.

The archive is located at

To use it, you'll probably want to add some repository definitions to your YUM configuration:

For CentOS 3
Download yum.conf
Install it as /etc/yum.conf or copy the repository definitions into your existing /etc/yum.conf.
For CentOS 4
Download HMC-Math-Base.repo
Add this file to the other repository configuration files in /etc/yum.repos.d. You will probably want to change the enabled flag in your operating system's default .repo file from 1 to 0 to stop attempting to obtain updates from a remote site.
Additional Repos (for CentOS 4)
You may want to include our locally built package repository, or, if you're at Mudd, our HMC-only repository. (These configuration stanzas are included in the CentOS 3 yum.conf.)

If you have gpgcheck set to 1 in your YUM configuration (and you should), you will also need to install Claire Connelly's GPG key using rpm --import. This GPG key is used to sign locally built packages; if a package has been signed with this key, you can be reasonably sure that the package was actually built by Claire Connelly. We're still not warrantying that the software is good, that there are no bugs, or anything else.

Additional Operating System Mirrors

We also have some other mirrors, some of which are dependent on particular projects that we're working on or contemplating. Feel free to look around in to see what else is available.

Debian GNU/Linux

We maintain a mirror of a subset of the Debian Project's GNU/Linux ports. Basically, we have mirrors for the hppa (Hewlett Packard PA-RISC), mips (SGI MIPS), powerpc (PowerPC—Macs, etc.), and, of course, i386 (your humble PC). We also mirror the amd64 port.

(Remember what I said about moving to Debian? We're really, really thinking about it....)

Fedora Core

Although we're not crazy enough to run it (Debian sid is bad enough), we are mirroring Fedora and SRPMs for the Fedora development tree.


At various times we have had copies of distribution trees or ISO images for other distributions.


We are also maintaining a local mirror of the RPMForge' package repository for Enterprise Linux, which we may use to supplement the standard set of packages in CentOS.

The RPMForge packages will be a significant part of the package selection offered by the new rpmrepo project, to which we also plan to submit packages. A mirror of the rpmrepo packages will be made available once the project starts distributing packages.