Fang (HP LaserJet 8000dn)

HP LaserJet 8000dn

fang is the main printer available for student use. It lives in the Scientific Computing Lab (Olin B143). fang prints at 1200 dpi, has two large paper trays, and can duplex.


Mac OS X

All you really need is the PPD file, which you can use by specifying it when creating the printer with the Printer Setup Utility; but you can also install the PPD using HP's installer (4.6 MB).


Here's an installer (1.6 MB) that will give you everything you need to start printing to fang.


fang is available on the math department's main print server and is the default printer for the machines in the scientific-computing lab. If you haven't set another default printer, printing from any of those machines will go to fang. You can also print to fang by choosing it in xpp or specifying -Pfang on the command line.

For you do-it-yourself types, the PPD file will get you started.

Manufacturer's Site

HP's drivers.

The Name...

I'm not really sure what the source of fang's name is, as the printer was here before I joined the department. My best guess is that it's named after Jack London's White Fang. If you know otherwise, please share!