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Gaspode (HP Color LaserJet 5550dtn)

HP Color LaserJet 5550dtn

gaspode was a gift from Hewlett Packard Corporation, thanks to the efforts of Clinic Director Professor Mike Raugh and courtesy of John Meyer, the head of HP's “Hardcopy Technologies Lab”.


Mac OS X

Support for this printer is included in Mac OS X.


Support for this printer is available from Microsoft for Windows 7. You can download drivers for Windows XP from HP.


gaspode is available on the math department's main print server. Just choose gaspode in xpp or specify -Pgaspode on the command line.

For you do-it-yourself types, look at the hplip or gutenprint packages for your distro.

Manufacturer's Site

HP's drivers.

The Name...

Gaspode is a particularly clever talking dog (he spent quite a while living next to Unseen University, and the magical atmosphere got to him), who turns up in many of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.