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Hwel (HP LaserJet 4100dtn)

HP LaserJet 4100dtn

hwel lives on the second floor of Shanahan. It prints at 1200 dpi and has one large paper tray. It can also duplex.


Mac OS X

Support for this printer is included in Mac OS X.


Support for this printer is available from Microsoft for Windows 7. You can download a driver for Windows XP from HP.


hwel is the default printer for machines on Sprague three. It's also available on the math department's main print server, so if it's not set as your default printer, you can print to it by choosing hwel in xpp or specifying -Phwel on the command line.

For you do-it-yourself types, look at the hplip or gutenprint packages for your distro.

Manufacturer's Site

HP's drivers.

The Name...

hwel is named after a dwarf playwright who appears in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Wyrd Sisters. He's the Discworld's Shakespeare.