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Laddie (HP LaserJet 3035xs MFP)

HP LaserJet 3035xs MFP

laddie was purchased through grant funding by Professor Darryl Yong for use by the department. It's the primary black-and-white printer for use by faculty and staff, and also serves as a color scanner (paper-to-PDF) and fax machine.


Mac OS X

Support for this printer is included in Mac OS X.


Support for this printer is available through Microsoft for Windows 7. Drivers for Windows XP can be downloaded from HP.


laddie is available on the math department's main print server. Just choose laddie in xpp or specify -Pladdie on the command line.

For you do-it-yourself types, the PPD file from will get you started.

Additional Functions

In addition to printing, laddie has some other useful features. The touch-screen interface includes information that will help you perform these functions.

Access to these functions is restricted to department members by a PIN system. The PIN for laddie is the same as the PIN for the copier.

Scanning to PDF

laddie can be used to scan documents (single- or double-sided) to PDF, and mail those PDF files to arbitrary e-mail addresses. Department members are already included in the address book for this purpose.


laddie incorporates a facsimile machine, so faxes can be sent from its console (or by printing to it from a Windows machine) as well as accepted from outside fax users.


laddie can also be used as a low-volume, double-sided copier.

Job Storage and Retrieval

It is possible to store commonly used forms and other documents for easy printing from the console.

Manufacturer's Site

HP's drivers.

The Name...

Laddie is a beautiful but rather dim-witted collie who appears in Terry Pratchett's Moving Pictures. Laddie appears in many of the films made, is represented by Gaspode (AKA “The Wonder Dog”; an altogether less-attractive but far, far brighter dog), and garners more than his share of credit for the outcome of the events of the book.