Scraps (HP DesignJet 1055cm)

HP DesignJet 1055cm

scraps is a wide-format (36") plotter/printer. It works like an extra large inkjet printer, spraying overlapping stripes of color until it reaches full saturation. It lives in the Math Clinic Lab (Beckman-B115).

Printing to scraps often requires a fair amount of tinkering to get right. As a result, the usual way for people to print on scraps is for them to submit a file to the department's systems administrator, who will then print the poster. Because of the cost of printing to this printer, it is generally taken offline when not in use.

For more details on printing posters, please see the poster page.

scraps was a gift from Hewlett Packard's John Meyer, like gaspode.


Mac OS X

All you really need is the PPD file, which you can use by specifying it when creating the printer with the Printer Setup Utility; but you can also install the PPD using HP's installer (4.5 MB).


Here's an installer (2.7 MB) that will give you everything you need to start printing to scraps.


scraps is available on the math department's main print server. You can print to scraps by choosing it in xpp or specifying -Pscraps on the command line. But don't.

For you do-it-yourself types, the PPD file will get you started.

Manufacturer's Site

HP's drivers.

The Name...

scraps is named after the family pet of one of the Igors in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. The Igors (EYE-gors) are the laboratory assistants and servants of the inhabitants of the Überwald, Discworld's Transylvania. They are expert surgeons, and often have extensive body modifications and replacements. As do their pets.