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HMC Mathematics Homework Class

The mathematics homework class and its supporting files was written by Eric Malm '05 to promote adherence to the HMC Math Department homework standards.

The department's initial release of this code was numbered 0.4, based on Eric's numbering scheme. The only changes in this initial release are related to checking the files into our Subversion repository.

Version 0.5 was released on 2009 October 6. This version addresses an issue with current TeX systems and the \ifpdf code, which caused a conflict with the current iterations of PDFTeX. Version 0.5 replaces the original code defining \ifpdf with the ifpdf package, which is compatible with the current PDFTeX.

Thanks to John Michael Alongi at Northwestern University for bringing this issue to our attention.

The Code

The following links are to the latest version of the class, available from our GitHub page:

Using the Class

hmcpset.cls is the class file, which must be located in your TEXMF path. The class is installed in the /shared/local/texlive/texmf-local texmf tree, so can be used on a departmental system without downloading anything.

Homework assignments using the class should

  • Set your name, the name of the class name, the assignment number, and the due date in the preamble of your document (before the \begin{document} command) using the \name, \class, \assignment, and \duedate commands. This information will automatically be placed in the upper-right corner of your typeset document.
  • Specify a list of the problems in the assignment using the \problemlist command. This command should be placed immediately after \begin{document}.
  • Place problem statements in problem environments, which enclose the text in the environment in a clearly visible box.
  • Place solutions to problems in solution environments directly following the problems.

The distribution includes a template file, hw-template.tex, that you can use as a base to create new documents. There is also an example document, hw-example.tex, which illustrates the proper use of the class file and its various commands and environments. (You can download a PDF version to see what the example homework document should look like when typeset.)

hw-faq.tex is a small example file that addresses some frequent concerns and questions about the use of LaTeX. It also contains some links to other LaTeX resources. As with the sample assignment, a PDF version is available.