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HMC Senior Thesis Class

The HMC Senior Thesis LaTeX class was developed by Claire Connelly, mathematics department systems administrator, and computer science Professor Melissa O'Neill, but it will work for any HMC department by using the right document-class option. See the template file and documentation for more information.

The current release is 6.0.1 (2016-08-23).

Source Code

The source code for the hmcthesis class is maintained on Github, at

Packaged Releases

You can download the code in a number of different formats.

Just the Document Class and Templates

The following links are to the latest version of the class and its immediate support files only; there are additional dependencies that you may have to download separately. These archives come from our GitHub page:

It may be easier for you to download archives with complete TEXMF trees that you can expand into your local or personal TEXMF trees.


This class should work with any standard, fairly complete TeX system such as TeX Live, MacTeX, or ProTeXt/MikTeX.

You will also need the department's bibliography style files, available on the linked page.

TEXMF Tree Distribution

If you plan to use this class for multiple reports, or to share it with others, we recommend that you install using the texmf packages, which provide the entire TEXMF tree that you'll need to use the class. These archives include the class and its support files, templates, and the bibliography style files you'll need to format your bibliography and citations according to the department's requirements. The files are arranged into the correct directory tree structure that TeX systems use to organize files.


Documentation for the hmcthesis class is included in the Senior Thesis Handbook.