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2004 Mt. Baldy Conference on Geometry, Algebra, and Phylogenetic Trees

General Information

The Department of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College hosted the sixth annual Mt. Baldy Mathematics Conference on Saturday, October 23, 2004. The topic was “Geometry, Algebra, and Phylogenetic Trees”. Keynote speakers discussed mathematical methods (e.g., from geometry and algebra) for the problem of reconstructing phylogenetic trees (e.g., a “tree of life” representing relationships between species) from data (e.g., genomic data). Speakers will make the first portion of their talks accessible to a general mathematical audience. We encourage anyone who wishes to learn more about research in this area to attend.

The conference is sponsored by the Mathematics Department at Harvey Mudd College. We are grateful to neighboring Scripps College for space to host this year's conference. We also anticipate support from the National Science Foundation.

The organizer was Francis Edward Su.

Conference Poster

The conference poster is available in 11" x 17" / 8.5" x 11" formats.

Keynote Speakers, Poster Session, and Schedule

9:10 AM
9:15 AM
Michael Hendy (Massey University, New Zealand)
Hadamard Conjugation and the Molecular Clock (abstract)
10:15 AM
Poster Session and Refreshments
11:00 AM
Susan Holmes (Stanford)
Using Phylogenetic Trees to Analyse Microarrays (abstract)
12:00 PM
2:00 PM
David Bryant (McGill University, Canada)
Probabilistic Models for Splits Graphs (abstract)
3:00 PM
Poster Session and Refreshments
4:00 PM
Bernd Sturmfels (UC-Berkeley)
Phylogenetic Algebraic Geometry (abstract)

Poster Session

There was a poster session for research related to phylogenetic trees or other related problems, with posters being presented by the following participants:

  • Nicholas Eriksson (UC-Berkeley): Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees with Algebraic Invariants (abstract)
  • Daniel Ford (Stanford): Probability Measures on Phylogenetic Trees (abstract)
  • Akemi Kashiwada (Harvey Mudd College): The Shapley Value of Phylogenetic Trees (abstract)
  • Dan Levy (UC-Berkeley): Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees from Dissimilarity Maps (abstract)
  • Nick D. Pattengale (New Mexico): Algorithmic Decomposition of Most Parsimonious Sets (abstract)
  • Raazesh Sainudiin (Cornell): Enclosing the Maximum Likelihood of the Simplest DNA Model Evolving on Fixed Topologies: Towards a Rigorous Framework for Phylogenetic Inference (abstract)
  • Sagi Snir (UC-Berkeley): Convex Recolorings of Strings and Trees: Definitions, Hardness Results, and Algorithms (abstract)
  • Mariel Vazquez (UC-Berkeley): Genome Comparison Allowing Complex Rearrangements (abstract)
  • Ruriko Yoshida (Duke): Neighbor Joining with Subtree Weights (abstract)