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The Harvey Mudd College Mathematics Department is pleased to announce its student and faculty exchange program with the University of South Australia (UniSA) in Adelaide. Each institution offers credit to exchange students that will be transferable upon completion of the exchange. Students pay tuition and fees at their home institution and study at the host institution without further cost. A typical HMC student would spend a semester at UniSA during the junior year.

The Coordinators of the Exchange Program are

Prof Lesley Ward, HMC,
Prof David Panton, UniSA,

If you are interested in participating in the exchange, please contact one of us.

The School of Mathematics of the University of South Australia offers three undergraduate degrees: science, applied science, and information technology. Their focus on applied mathematics will be particularly appealing to many HMC students. They also have postgraduate research groups in the areas of operations research, scheduling and control, applied statistics, and environmental modelling. The School has twenty academic staff located on the two campuses in Adelaide and Mawson Lakes.

Mathematics and related courses at UniSA are listed here, organised under their programs of study (scroll down after clicking):
Computing and Mathematics (four year bachelor's program)
Mathematical and Computer Modelling (three year bachelor's program)
Mathematical and Computer Modelling with Applied Finance (four year double bachelor's program)

Students considering this program may find the following Math Major Scheduling Guide useful.


Helen Monroe from UniSA spent the Fall 1999 semester at HMC. While at HMC Helen wrote a one-semester senior thesis, advised by Prof. Benjamin, on N-Person Coalitional Games: The Power of More than One. She also took a semester of Mathematics Clinic, as well as other courses.
Kylie Bryant from UniSA spent Fall 2000 at HMC. She wrote a one-semester senior thesis, also with Prof. Benjamin, on Genetic Algorithms and the Travelling Salesman Problem. Kylie also took a semester of Mathematics Clinic, and other courses.
Qiuhong (Jessica) Xian from UniSA spent Spring 2002 at HMC. She included a semester of Mathematics Clinic among her courses. She is returning to HMC for the Fall 2002 semester.

Rosie Wacha (HMC '03) spent Semester 2 (July-Dec) of 2001 at UniSA.


HMC Prof Henry Krieger spent the fall of 2000 on sabbatical at UniSA.
UniSA Prof Jerzy Filar visited HMC for the Spring (Jan-May) of 2002.
UniSA Prof David Panton is spending the Fall (Aug-Dec) of 2002 at HMC.

Also, Profs David Panton and John Boland from UniSA have visited HMC, most recently in the spring of 2000.

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