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Add a Button to your Home Page or your Browser!

Get a Fun Facts Button!

Would you like to place a link to Math Fun Facts! on your page? Great! Thanks!

Even better, would you like a stylin' graphic to do it with? Well, now you can have an Officially Sanctioned Genuine Fun Facts Link Button! Just grab the following graphics (by right-clicking for PCs, shift-clicking for Macs), and look for the option to "Save Link as..."):

and save them in the same directory as the page you are placing the link on. Then copying the following code into your .html file will produce a button like the one at right below!

<A href="" 
  onMouseOut="document.ffbuttonpic.src='StaticButton.gif';" return false;
    <IMG src="StaticButton.gif" border=2 width=150 height=30 
	 name="ffbuttonpic" alt="Math Fun Facts!"></A>
Math Fun Facts!

This button will move when the Mouse is moved over it! If you just prefer a button that doesn't move, just remove the green-colored code from the code above!

Add Fun Facts to your Browser!

Now you can keep Fun Facts close to you at all times by placing a link right on your browser! It's easy! With Fun Facts at your disposal, you can amaze your friends! Win the affection of your loved ones! Be the first kid on your block to have a Math Fun Facts browser button! It may not be as cool as that decoder ring you've been saving for, but you don't need any postage OR shipping and handling, just a (recent) browser and a mouse.

What You'll Need:

Windows 95/98/NT or Unix-type systems
  • Netscape 4.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
Mac users
  • Netscape 4.5 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 or higher

Microsoft Internet Explorer

It's easy! Choose one of the links below:

Math Fun Facts!

Random Fun Fact!

No, don't click it, just look at it. Now, make sure that the "Links" toolbar is visible on your browser. If it is not visible, go to the View menu, and select Toolbars -> Links. If you need to, drag the Links bar down so that you can see the whole thing. Now your browser should look something like the picture to the right.

Now press the mouse button down over the link, hold it down, and drag the link up to the Links toolbar until your cursor changes and a black bar appears in the Links bar. Now just let go, and voila! You have a button!

If your button shows the URL rather than the title, you can edit your bookmarks to change it.


This is easy, too! First, make sure that your Personal Toolbar (as shown in the picture to the right) is visible. If it is not, then go to the View menu and select Show -> Personal Toolbar. Now you should be ready to go.

Choose one of the links below, press down on it and hold it down:

Math Fun Facts!

Random Fun Fact!

and as you are holding it, drag the link up to your Personal Toolbar. The cursor should change to a picture of a link of chain, signifying that you are about to create a link. Now, just drop it. It should appear right up there!

If the links shows the URL rather than the title, or if you want to change the position of your link in your Toolbar, just go to Bookmarks under the Communicator Menu and select Edit, or just hit Ctrl-B. Then you can edit your Personal Toolbar Folder.

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