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The Math Fun Facts iPhone-iPod App!

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For app support/questions, mathfunfacts is the address to use "at" gmail "dot" com.

Math Fun Facts are ideas that will change the way you think!

Math is more than formulas or skills... it is a way of seeing the world through patterns, beauty, and creativity. And the Math Fun Facts app takes you on a tour. This app is perfect for: students (high-school or beyond), teachers, fans of learning.

Each Fun Fact is a short article highlighting a cool mathematical idea... from puzzle to paradox, card shuffling to computation, mind-benders to magic, and more. This app contains 75 Fun Facts (and the full set of over 200 Facts is available in an in-app upgrade).


  • The content of this website on your iDevice (iPhone/iPod/iPad)!
  • No internet required; take them with you on plane or train!
  • Fast and responsive
  • Save your ratings, and order your favorites (something this website can't do!)
  • The app has 75 selected Fun Facts. The Upgrade package contains the rest. A new selection of "previews" from the Upgrade package appear each day.
And just like this website:
  • Easy, Medium, and Advanced Fun Facts
  • Randomly browse, or search/sort by topic/level
  • Fun Facts are extensively cross-linked
Thank you for your support of high-level mathematics content for iPod/iPad/iPhone! More to come!
Coding for the app was done by Simon Yang (HMC class of 2010) and Francis Edward Su. Thanks to Harvey Mudd College for supporting its development.

For more fun, tour the Mathematics Department at Harvey Mudd College!