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Submit your own animated Fun Facts header!

You've probably noticed as you cruise about our site that every once in a while our title graphic starts moving around, doing something fun and different each time? Perhaps it annoys you. Perhaps you think it's cool. We hope that the latter is true. Either way, you've probably been thinking, "Hey! I can make better animations!"

Well, prove it...

Step 1: Get it

So, if you'd like to design your own, we'll provide an original copy of our title graphic. Grab any of the ones at right, depending on what format you prefer. GIF format (7 K)
PSD format (52 K)

Step 2: Make it

Then, make your own animated gif! Pretty much anything is fair game, up to a point... though you should keep a few things in mind:

"Sun and Moon" by Ian Schempp and Francis Su
"Sun & Moon" by Ian Schempp and Francis Su
  • Keep it small (size less than 50K is good)
  • Keep the start. The animation should begin with our title graphic.
  • Keep it cute! Fun is better than serious!
  • Keep it slow. The animation should not move so fast that it is hard on the viewer's eyes or distracting. It may also help to have the animation run just once, rather than cycle.
  • Keep it legal. Don't use copyright protected images unless you have the express written consent of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, or at least the people who own the copyright.
  • Keep it GIF. Moving GIFs are the way to go here, at least for the final product.

Step 3: Submit it

When you have your masterpiece ready, drop it in an e-mail to Francis Su (su -at- math . hmc . edu) with a couple of things (see right).

Good submissions that meet the criteria above will be posted to our Headers Page with your name on it! And, the best ones will go into the rotation for appearing randomly in our title graphic!

  1. Your Name
  2. Your E-mail Address
  3. Your School Affiliation (if any)
  4. City, State, Country
  5. The Animated GIF
  6. What you think of our site!

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