Pictured above are some of the students from Math 198, Undergraduate Math Forum at Harvey Mudd College, run by Professor Arthur Benjamin in the 1997-1998 academic year. Each student was assigned a volume of Mathematics Magazine, and gave two presentations based on their reading. Additionally, each student entered the first paragraph of each note and article on a web page designed by Christian Jones. Dominic Mazzoni designed the search engine that you are now using. Participating students: Aaron Archer, Drew Bernat, Neil Burrell, Carrie Crum, Celeste Elton, Patri Forwalter-Friedman, Matthew Fluet, Ryan Gatti, Rif Hutchings, Jennifer Jack, Nathan Jakubiak, Brian Johnson, Christian Jones, Bill Kalahurka, John Larkin, Jeff Liebert, Naveen Mathew, Dominic Mazzoni, Andy Olson, Scott Robertson, David Rudel, Thara Salamone, Stacy Sanders, Itai Seggev, Marie Snipes, Jascha Swisher, Jennifer Weber, Bill Williams, and Andromeda Yelton.

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