Programs and Courses

HMC is a great place to study mathematics. Our professors are dedicated teachers and active researchers, who often take on students in their research projects. You'll also be among other talented students who will help you sharpen your mathematical abilities.

At Mudd, you'll get broad-based scientific training as well as a liberal-arts education. Many of our mathematics majors excel and participate in extracurriculars, such as music and athletics.

You can get more detailed information about the department in our general introduction. Also, check out our quick (& impressive!) facts page!

Major Requirements

The Mathematics Minor

A mathematics minor is available only to students electing an off-campus major in lieu of a regular HMC major.

For a mathematics minor, the student will propose a program designed in consultation with their mathematics advisor. Proposals must be approved by the Department of Mathematics Curriculum Committee and should consist of any five upper-division mathematics courses (to include Mathematics 55 (Discrete Mathematics)) which form a coherent concentration of survey program. At least four must be HMC or HMC cooperative courses. Mathematics Clinic and Senior Thesis are normally excluded.

Schedule Planning and Placement

When will that math course be offered next? Plan your schedule with our Two-Year Course Rotation.

Summer Math—intensive math courses taught during the summer—might help you make room in your schedule.

Questions about which math courses you should be taking? Check our Core Math Placement page.


You can also have a look at our course catalog! We partner with the other Claremont Colleges and Graduate University to offer a wide selection of courses. There are over 40 mathematicians and statisticians in Claremont. Click below for online text versions of

Also, the Claremont Graduate University prepares an annual list of all courses offered in the Claremont system. Some classes may not be suitable for HMC students due to overlap or other issues (especially non-HMC courses numbered less than 100); consult your advisor.

Research by Students and Faculty

Many of our students get involved in mathematics research with one of our faculty or at a summer REU.

Other Mathematical Activities

Claremont Seminars

The CCMS maintains information about a variety of mathematical seminars that take place at the Colleges.

Current topic areas (as of fall, 2008) include algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, combinatorics, functional analysis, number theory, statistics, and topology.

Study Abroad

Several of our students spend a semester abroad in their junior or senior year at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, or participating in the UniSA exchange program.

If you decide to go to Budapest, check out Aaron Archer's Budapest Restaurant Guide.

Here is a useful Schedule Guide for Math Majors considering studying abroad.

Departmental Awards

The department gives out a number of awards for each class, top scorers in the William Lowell Putnam Competition exam, authors of the best mathematics paper in a given year, most outstanding contributions to a Clinic, and more.

Details about these awards are available in our Departmental Awards and Prizes section.