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HMC Putnam Seminar Picture Gallery

Putnam 2003 Before the Exam

The 2003 Putnam Squad before the exam . . .
. . . and after the Exam

. . . and after the exam
Putnam 2003

Natalie Hudson and Alex Eustis hard at work during Putnam 2003.
Ariel and David

Ariel Barton and David Gaebler in the other room.
Putnam Squad 1998

The 1998 Putnam Seminar in all its' glory.
The Putnam coaches, Prof. Su and Prof. Bernoff, are in front.

Pizza Time

The weekly lab in polar geometry and fair division.
Karl Mahlburg at the board
Karl Mahlburg presenting a solution.
Joel Miller
Joel Miller, showing how much pizza he will eat.

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