The HMC Putnam Seminar

        To prepare for the Putnam, a seminar is given every Tuesday evening in the fall from 6:00-7:30 PM in Beckman 126. An incredible number of students participate... between 60 and 70 students every Tuesday! (This is nearly 10% of the HMC student body.) In 2000, 84 Mudders took the Putnam, which was more than any other college or university!

During each meeting, students work on and present solutions to Putnam problems while partaking of pizza. Students can earn one unit of independent study credit based on their participation. For more information about the Putnam or the Putnam Seminar, please contact the Putnam team coaches, Professor Andrew Bernoff and Professor Francis Su.

Pictures from the 1998 Putnam Seminar

The 1998 Putnam Seminar in all its' glory. The Putnam coaches, Prof. Su and Prof. Bernoff, are in front.

The Seminar students working hard and discussing the problems.

The weekly lab in polar geometry and fair division.

Karl Mahlburg presenting a solution.

Joel Miller, showing how much pizza he will eat.

What happens to you if you make Prof. Moody take the Putnam.

The real story behind the above picture is as follows: Prof. Moody was invited to the HMC North Dorm Halloween Costume party and came dressed as their favorite character from Army of Darkness.

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