Graduate Programs in Mathematics

Typically, about half our math majors at Harvey Mudd College go on to graduate school. Listed below are several of the top graduate programs in mathematics in the U.S., in ranked order according to the National Research Council's Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States, published in 1995.

These are overall rankings; bear in mind that strengths in specific fields may vary, and a school not ranked highly overall may be extremely strong in particular fields. So talk to your advisor about where you should apply. You can also check out's Customized Graduate School Rankings, which ranks graduate programs based on criteria that you select.

Non-Pure Mathematics Departments

Operations Research
OR Educational Programs
Wharton Doctoral Programs
Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Department of Decision Sciences: East Carolina University
Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences: Kellogg, Northwestern
Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems: Rensselaer
Management Sciences: University of Waterloo