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From 1992–1997, the Consortium of ODE Experiments (C*ODE*E), with generous support from the National Science Foundation, published a newsletter that provided a regular source of ideas, inspiration, and experiments for instructors of ODEs. The goal of C*ODE*E was to share the rapidly growing wealth of computational instruction techniques with as many teachers and students of differential equations as possible. Because computers are vital tools in helping students understand and visualize concepts in differential equations, C*ODE*E also produced a software solver package called ODE Architect.

Past issues of the C*ODE*E Newsletters are available at the C*ODE*E Learning Assets Library.

Phase II

In August, 2007, the NSF/DUE funded Phase II of the C*ODE*E grant for four years. In this phase, C*ODE*E—now the Consortium of Ordinary Differential Equations Educators—will implement a comprehensive website that will build on the previous accomplishments of the Consortium. In particular, a platform-independent solver will be designed and implemented (ODE Toolkit). This tool will work with an online version of the C*ODE*E Newsletter, allowing users to run the solver on examples embedded in the newsletter's articles.


The new C*ODE*E website is available! The new site replaces this page and contains much more content in a community-based form. Check it out!.

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Editorial Boards

Each phase of the C*ODE*E project has had an editorial board.

Phase I

Phase II

Many HMC staff and students also contributed to the production of C*ODE*E.