ODE Toolkit

ODE Toolkit is an ordinary differential equations solver package which is available over the internet to instructors and students at no cost. It will run on any platform equipped with a web browser and Java (free to download from Oracle). The hardware requirements are rather modest, so it will function well even on older equipment, and its code is modular in design, which will allow for future development.

Instead of a command-line interface, ODE Toolkit features an easy-to-use graphical interface that minimizes typing and mouse clicks wherever possible. Users enter any first-order system using a natural syntax; ODE Toolkit's parser allows for parameters and user-defined functions and can recognize standard mathematical and engineering functions (e.g., on-off functions, square waves, etc.).

Users can also interact with computed solutions using 2-D or 3-D views via a simple tab-navigation system. The viewing range of the graphing window can also adjust dynamically to the computed solution, eliminating the tedium of setting and resetting viewing ranges. Users can open and save files containing all of theit computations on their computer; these files can be shared across computing platforms. Documentation and tutorials are also available online.

ODE Toolkit can run inside a web-browser window, eliminating the need for administrators to install the software; it can also be downloaded and run as a stand-alone program.

The current version of ODE Toolkit will always be available on a server at Harvey Mudd College and be accessed at the web site http://odetoolkit.hmc.edu/.