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Some Older Senior Theses (1997–1999)

Prior to 2000, theses were not archived in a consistent way. Listed below are the titles of some of the older senior theses submitted by students, along with the graduate schools each student went on to attend.

AuthorYearTitleGraduate School
Aaron Archer 1998 On the Upper Chromatic Numbers of the Reals Cornell University
Jeffrey Beck 1997 Internally Coated Cylindrical Wave Guides Northwestern University
Matthew Fluet 1999 Searching for Optimal Strategies in Knock 'm Down Cornell University
Dylan Helliwell 1998 Quaternion Determinants University of Washington
Brian Johnson 1998 Improving Algorithms for the Quillen–Suslin Theorem University of Chicago
Dominic Mazzoni 1999 Three-Player Nim and More Carnegie Mellon University
David Rudel 1999 Solving x2 + y2 = zk Dartmouth University
Itai Seggev 1999 Quantum Singularity in Static Space-Times University of Chicago
Jessica Sidman (Scripps) 1997 Splitting Numbers: Probabilistic Bounds and Computational Complexity University of Michigan
Solly Sieberts 1998 Accuracy of Approximate Confidence Bounds for Reliability of Series Systems University of Washington
Marie Snipes 1999 Brownian Motion and the Shape of a Region's Boundary: Generating Step Functions from Circle Domains United States Air Force
Michael Wood-Vasey 1998 Outflow Boundary Conditions for Numerical Simulations UC Berkeley
Kan Yasuda 1998 The Square Sum Property of Magic Squares University of Tokyo