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Student Advisor Second Reader Title
Otto Cortez Lesley Ward Jorge Aarao (CMC) Brownian Motion and Planar Regions: Constructing Boundaries from h-Functions
Ryan Haskett Weiqing Gu Thomas Helliwell (Physics) Examples of Volume-Preserving Great Circle Flows of S3
Michael Lauzon Francis Su Lesley Ward Reconstruction of Convex Bodies in the Plane from Three Non-Collinear Point Source Directed X-Rays
Philip Martin Henry Krieger Arthur Benjamin Optimal Expected Values for Cribbage Hands
Joel Miller Andrew Bernoff Jorge Aarao (CMC) Rates of Convergence to Self-Similar Solutions of Burgers' Equation
Helen Monroe (Fall, 1999) Arthur Benjamin Lesley Ward N-Person Coalitional Games: The Power of More Than One
Elisha Peterson Francis Su Arthur Benjamin Combinatorial Proofs of Generalizations of Sperner's Lemma
Yinan Song Weiqing Gu Adolfo Rumbos (Pomona) Finite Invariance of Cayley Calibration Form

Abstracts are also available.