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Student Advisor Second Reader Title
Kylie Bryant (Fall 2000) Arthur Benjamin Lisette de Pillis Genetic Algorithms and the Travelling Salesman Problem
Christopher Hanusa (also French thesis) Francis Su Arthur Benjamin Continued Fractions and their Interpretations
Teri Krebs (Math/Biology) Michael Moody James Groome (Biology) Excitable Media
Angela Kurle (Math/Psychology) Ronald Riggio (CMC Psychology) Henry Krieger Developing Scoring Methods for a Non-Additive Psychometric Measure of Social Skills/Interpersonal Competence
Marco Latini Andrew Bernoff Mario Martelli (CMC) Mixing in Curved Pipes
Karl Mahlburg Rhett Bull (Pomona) Francis Su Structure Attacks in Cryptographic Protocols
Ari Nieh Gregory Levin Arthur Benjamin Fractional Analogues in Graph Theory
Anand Patil (Physics) Andrew Bernoff Thomas Donnelly (Physics) Computational Simulation of Fluid Dynamics in Thin Films
Jane Pratt Lisette de Pillis Leaf Turner, Los Alamos National Labs Turbulence, Magnetics, and Closure Equations
Greg Preston Arthur Benjamin Michael Raugh Combinatorial Explanations of Known Harmonic Identities
Mike Rust (Math/Physics) Ronald Cave (Chemistry) Michael Moody The Approximate Inclusion of Triple Excitations in EOM-type Quantum Chemical Methods
Paul SanGiorgio (Math/Physics) Thomas Donnelly (Physics) Lisette de Pillis Measuring Electron Gas Relaxation in Gold through Second Harmonic Generation
Tracy van Cort (Math/Linguistics) Elizabeth Sweedyk (Computer Science) Karen Kossuth (Pomona Linguistics), Gregory Levin Computational Evolutionary Linguistics
Ian Weiner Weiqing Gu Thomas Helliwell Super-Symmetric Three-Cycles in String Theory

Abstracts are also available.